In an Atlantic setting, 9 islets are located southeast of Basse-Terre. Two are inhabited, seven have remained wild: all composes Les Saintes. This archipelago, strangely reminiscent of the mazes of pirates of a bygone era.

Today, turned towards fishing and tourism activities, the whole archipelago has managed the difficult challenge of cohabiting walkers and traditions Saintoises. The charm of its islands lies, for many, in its grandiose landscapes. Terre-de-Haut is ranked 3rd in the list of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Les Saintes are also heavenly and breathtaking beaches, like the Bay of Pompierre or the Sugar Loaf. For the more courageous, there are also hikes, such as the one leading to the fortification of the camel and offering a breathtaking view. The archipelago Saintois would be nothing without men and their traditions. Fishing boats and traps are part of this decoration. Who comes to the Saintes can not leave without his Salako and his torment of love

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To facilitate your stay and allow you to fully discover the archipelago of Saintes we have selected for you a few provider

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 Chez Rodolphe scooter : 0590 99 50 42

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The small Villa des Saintes is nestled on the heights of the path of the hill on the commune of land of high in Les Saintes. The terrace offers a magnificent view of the beach and the bay of saintes, the small private pool allows you to cool off whenever you want. Designed for two people, the small villa offers all the comforts for a pleasant stay. you have parking for your scooter or bike. The path to the hill is very difficult to access for an electric cart, and the villa does not have private parking that can accommodate them.

The shops and restaurants are 200 m as the beach, several hikes are possible from the small villa. This is the ideal place to spend a few days without a vehicle.

For lovers of hiking, Green intense offers you to discover the archipelago of Saintes on foot.

Freed Tours in Les Saintes